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Taming Jake

She can’t remember her past. He’d like to forget his.

State Trooper Jake MacDonald is happily skating through life, enjoying a different woman every week with no thoughts of settling down. After an attempt on her life, the only woman to ever turn him down is suddenly living in his home and relying on him for protection. A case of amnesia gives him the second chance he’s been dying for, but his secrets and guilt over keeping them threaten to ruin everything.

Coffee barista Hannah Preston has her life all planned out and is going places. She’ll get to it eventually, but finding a man is low on her priority list, and a meaningless fling even lower. She’s parked her philandering friend Jake in the friend zone but has second thoughts after a memory stealing accident. Will having to re-learn her life teach Hannah some new lessons about what’s important?

Jake will do whatever it takes to keep Hannah safe from the man trying to kill her, but when the truth comes out, he’ll have another battle on his hands – convincing Hannah he’s changed. Will Hannah be able to forgive and forget? Or will Jake’s deception keep them from a happily ever after?

Progress on Charming Alex:
First Draft 20%

Charming Alex is the fourth book in the series. I expect to have it published in the Summer of 2023. Sign up for my Newsletter to find out release date.

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