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Pursuing Johnny

He thinks she’s an addict. She thinks he’s a dealer. Unchecked, their innocent assumptions could have lethal consequences.

ER doctor Johnny MacDonald is so busy, he doesn’t have time to realize he’s being framed to take the fall for a massive prescription-selling scam at the hospital. Could the new receptionist be the key to clearing his name?

DEA agent Kate Hathaway is focused on one thing—bringing down the drug dealing doctor responsible for her brother’s death. Getting involved with a suspect could end her career. But what if they’re on the same team?

As Kate closes in on the culprits, she learns the hard way that they don’t intend to surrender without a fight. Will Johnny put the pieces together before it’s too late? And is it possible to ensure the only damage done is to the barriers around his heart?

Available Now:

Box Set of Books 1-3

Get started with the first three books in the series.

This collection includes:

  • Saving Mitch
  • Catching Sam
  • Taming Jake

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