The MacDonald Brothers Series

Saving Mitch

The MacDonald Brothers - Book One

They say opposites attract, but do they always?

Tormented police officer Mitch MacDonald struggles to overcome his demons and catch a killer. When beautiful veterinarian Maggie Tucker witnesses a crime that could help find the murderer, he must set aside his growing attraction to her to find the killer and keep them both alive. Mitch will do anything to keep her safe, but in the end, he’s left wondering who saved who.

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Catching Sam

The MacDonald Brothers - Book Two

Being rich is not all it’s cracked up to be!

Billionaire Sam MacDonald doesn’t want for anything – well, anything but a trustworthy woman to share his life with. Annie has her own trust issues and can’t believe Sam is giving her the time of day. She also harbors secrets that threaten to resurface and ruin everything.

Can they both beat their demons to find a happily ever after?

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Taming Jake

The MacDonald Brothers - Book Three

She can’t remember her past. He’d like to forget his.

Womanizing trooper Jake MacDonald has only ever had one woman turn him down. And now she’s living under his roof and counting on him to protect her.

Will a case of amnesia give him the second chance he’s always wanted?

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Charming Alex

The MacDonald Brothers - Book Four

Alex stares down fire for a living. Will a five-year-old and his mother be what finally brings him to his knees?

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